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Tax day – weekend wrap

April 15, 2013 | Just life, Weekends | Permalink

Happy Tax day.  I’m really glad that I did my taxes in February.  I’m grateful for the country where we live, but sometimes I’m not grateful to pay so many taxes. Today, when I left for work my tulips looked beautiful with a background snow dusting.  To be honest, i’m getting over the snow but it keeps [...]

saturdays are awesome

January 26, 2013 | Family, Just life, Weekends | Permalink

I love saturdays.  They are the best.  Our day so far: 9:45 – wake up to that handsome B & his beautiful kind eyes.  (we were really out of it this morning.  No alarms.  Just sleep.  B was up late working in the studio & I can always sleep) 9:47 – decide we are too [...]