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sugar snap peas – the taste of summer

June 14, 2013 / by lifeonbonita

Turns out I am like amazing at growing weeds.  They are really thriving in my garden.  I think I have one billion out there, no joke.
I honestly get a thrill off of pulling them out, it is SO rewarding, too bad I don’t have more time to make that happen,   fill my weeding urge.

I also need to shout out to my peas.   They are HERE!  I enjoyed them for dinner.  My little sister S, who is downs and syliac, was sooo pumped to see what we were having.  Love that little lady.  I wish I would have planted more peas.  They have grown awesome, have grown higher than my waist, and we have just about two rows of them planted.  I think we will be able to harvest them for a week or so, i’ll have to figure out how long they will last.


When I was a little girl my grandpa would always get these HUGE bags of peas for us to eat.  20lb bags of peas, in red netting farm bags. They are one of the tastes of summer.  We’d all sit around in a shady evening and eat peas, visit, eat more peas, and just enjoy the beautiful utah summer evenings.

Fun to grow them in my garden I only wish I would get 20 pounds worth!