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sad things about life

June 5, 2013 / by lifeonbonita

Do you ever read things or see things and feel sad?  Sometimes I do and it makes my heart hurt, like really hurt.  This world has so much pain and suffering and more and more happens everyday.  I don’t like that about it and I feel sad for so many people who are suffering.

I just hope that all of us can figure out a way to feel the good things, the happiness, and the joy in life more powerfully than the contrary.  Maybe it’s even just allowing ourselves to feel the good, to step away from the sad.

To live simple.  To savor.  To enjoy each and every day we live.  To think outside ourselves and serve others.  To try and make the life better of those around us, even if it is in some very small tiny way.  To be grateful for the good that we have.  And show gratitude for the strength that we gain from the hard and a creator that believes in what we can become.

Maybe that is the whole point of life.

Soul food here and what i’ve been thinking about and trying to apply in my heart.  Maybe i’m getting tini tiny bit closer.   A girl can hope.