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How to transplant raspberries

April 24, 2013 / by lifeonbonita

My brother and his family bought this sweet little yellow house.  Their yard is amazing,  full of dwarf fruit trees, herbs, and berries.  Last time we were at their place, we dug up some of the raspberry shoots and transplanted them into our yard.  We wrapped them in newspaper and a plastic bag to keep the roots moist before planting them.  Make sure not to damage the roots!

We’ll see how they do!  Nothing better than fresh berries, right off the vine.  Hopefully these little guys can survive, they should, raspberries tend to be pretty hearty.


Dug up. Cut & ready to transplant


After they were transplanted.

We also planted some blackberries last month.  They seem to be surviving, so that is good!


Blackberries a few weeks old