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grilled ham and cheese kinda day

January 16, 2013 / by lifeonbonita

You guys.

I forgot to eat lunch today.  So, I was starving and I needed something healthy-ish and free.  My work stocks a break-room so you can always find something, but finding something healthy is sometimes a bit more challenging.   I went with half a grilled ham and cheese and an apple with cheese and another little roll of ham.  It was good.  Quick.  Healthy (pure whole wheat bread, cheddar cheese, ham)  No sugar.  And…easy.

B and I are trying to make healthy life style changes.  Exercise 3-4 times a week.  Eat better portions of better foods.  Not eat sugar (although I struggle on the weekends  - Momma J and my sis T have the best treat stashes ever).  But I am doing good at work.  I haven’t eaten any sugar during a week day since Jan 5.  That is a big improvement.  ANd even better, I’m not thinking about cookies all the time like I usually do.  These changes seem to be manageable and doable.  Which is great!

Hope you all enjoyed your lunch today?!  photo