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Garden update – baby bean & radish

May 9, 2013 / by lifeonbonita


baby radishes

baby bean

cutest little green bean in all the land


getting plants some outside time. All 7 trays.

You guys.
We’ve been so busy lately.  Work has been busy.  Life has been busy.  We are working our guts off in our yard, garden, house and day jobs.  B is building a mobile app which is awesome.  He amazes me that he can figure out complex code languages and does it at rapid speed.  Love that guy.  And me, I do online marketing and stopped working with one of my partners at work which will be great in the long run, but also makes my job super busy in the transition.

We love our life though, really like our Jobs, love our home and neighborhood and are super happy.  I’m stoked about spring and i’m planning to move my plants outside in the next week-week and a half.

Can’t wait to get my kitchen back!