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DIY kitchen renovation

June 12, 2013 / by lifeonbonita


So, we live in a little 70′s gem that we adoringly call the cedar palace.  It’s in a darling little quiet neighborhood and we LOVE it.  We bought our house knowing it would be a work-en-process.  We pulled wallpaper and shag carpet out of the kitchen the day after we moved in.  (yes, you read correctly, SHAG to the BROWN shag carpet)   We painted, carpeted and updated the bathroom and made the upstairs a little more livable.   We ran out of money before we could do the kitchen,  It was 70′s brown and yellow.  I actually really love old stuff, it is nagalstic to me so part of me was sad to get rid of the kitchen.  Buutt it was super poorly laid out with lots of wasted space.  So, we started, we gutted, and we are in process to have a new kitchen by the end of June!  Woot!

Such a lovely stove!  It actually still works and is in great shape….would be really cool to keep it.  Sorta modern/vintage.  We are thinking about it.


And this is what our home reno looks like.  I am sooo glad that the electrical work is over.  Insulation is the worst, the very worst when you have to work in it.   And that garden-o-mine it keeps on growing!