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date night – symphony

May 13, 2013 | Just life, Music, Weekends | Permalink

I love classical music. I think the love began with my parents appreciation for beautiful music.  They took us often as kids. We also went to the messiah every year growing up. I also was a clarinet player in JH.  (Junior High) I also sang in an incredible choral group in college. So yeah, I love me [...]

be brave

April 19, 2013 | Just life, Music | Permalink

I am in love with this new song by sara bareilles. She is an amazing songwriter. I want every little girl to hear this song and have the courage to be brave, speak up, and be strong.  The world needs brave strong women who can stand up and make a difference.  Stand up for what [...]

proud of that b – college grad

December 11, 2012 | Music | Permalink

You know who graduated from the UofU this week? This guy.  So proud of him.   We went here to celebrate.  Delish.  Anything on the menu will knock your socks off.  Red Iguana, we heart you.  Everything on the menu.   It is a MUST when you are in town.  You will not be disappointed.  YUMMMM. [...]

christmas babysitting

December 11, 2012 | Holidays, Music | Permalink

Since B&I don’t have kids and we have lots of n&n’s we are the “go to” sitters.  Which is cool.  I think of it as my sis T said “adding more to the bowl of infinity favors”.  Pretty much i’m front loading my life by helping with our 17 n&n’s and their awesome, but tired, [...]

the killers

December 2, 2012 | Music, Weekends | Permalink

Can u tell our ears were riingiiing? It’s only because we had our minds blown by the killers.  I think that this had to be one of the best shows i’ve seen.  I love Brandon Flowers’s songwriting.  They are rockstars.  In fact, when B and I had just met, the killers was one of the [...]


December 2, 2012 | Music | Permalink

Why does spontaneity make me feel alive?  For some reason drastically altering the pre-conceived course of my life, or my day, makes me feel like I really am in charge of my own destiny.  My choices really are driving this ship; good and bad.  I like that feeling. Today I bought flights to this place, for a [...]