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beans. peppers. tomatoes. – 6 weeks old

April 23, 2013 / by lifeonbonita

You probably remember this post where I  started some seeds indoors.  Now, these little plants are big and I had to move them downstairs with their own window.  We ran out of room in my kitchen.  They seem to be doing well down there, the tomato leaves are turning a bit yellow, but I’ve read that if it’s the original leaves you need not worry too much, which they are.  We will see how they do, i’m still worried they may not make when they meet mother nature in all her glory.  Only a few more weeks until I move them outside.  And yes, those peppers are on top of cans of beans!  This window is in the new storage room B built for me while I was away in NYC.  What a guy.


Peppers. Beans. Tomatoes. Squash 6 weeks old.


Tomato plants 6 weeks old. Yellow Pair and Amish varieties.


Tomato & Pepper. (and western family refried beans!)