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two thoughts

June 26, 2013 | Just life | Permalink

I just came across this cool website.  The mormon women project.
t’s projects like these that make me really grateful.  Grateful for my faith.  Grateful for amazing people, and women of all faiths, backgrounds  walks of life, all who are powerful forces for good in the world.  I’m also really Grateful for Christ.

My favorite interviews I read today:

Tina and Finoa.

I’ll be reading the book, The God who Weeps and maybe i’ll buy Tina’s album.


sugar snap peas – the taste of summer

June 14, 2013 | Gardening, What's growing? | Permalink

Turns out I am like amazing at growing weeds.  They are really thriving in my garden.  I think I have one billion out there, no joke.
I honestly get a thrill off of pulling them out, it is SO rewarding, too bad I don’t have more time to make that happen,   fill my weeding urge.

I also need to shout out to my peas.   They are HERE!  I enjoyed them for dinner.  My little sister S, who is downs and syliac, was sooo pumped to see what we were having.  Love that little lady.  I wish I would have planted more peas.  They have grown awesome, have grown higher than my waist, and we have just about two rows of them planted.  I think we will be able to harvest them for a week or so, i’ll have to figure out how long they will last.


When I was a little girl my grandpa would always get these HUGE bags of peas for us to eat.  20lb bags of peas, in red netting farm bags. They are one of the tastes of summer.  We’d all sit around in a shady evening and eat peas, visit, eat more peas, and just enjoy the beautiful utah summer evenings.

Fun to grow them in my garden I only wish I would get 20 pounds worth!





DIY kitchen renovation

June 12, 2013 | House Projects, Just life | Permalink


So, we live in a little 70′s gem that we adoringly call the cedar palace.  It’s in a darling little quiet neighborhood and we LOVE it.  We bought our house knowing it would be a work-en-process.  We pulled wallpaper and shag carpet out of the kitchen the day after we moved in.  (yes, you read correctly, SHAG to the BROWN shag carpet)   We painted, carpeted and updated the bathroom and made the upstairs a little more livable.   We ran out of money before we could do the kitchen,  It was 70′s brown and yellow.  I actually really love old stuff, it is nagalstic to me so part of me was sad to get rid of the kitchen.  Buutt it was super poorly laid out with lots of wasted space.  So, we started, we gutted, and we are in process to have a new kitchen by the end of June!  Woot!

Such a lovely stove!  It actually still works and is in great shape….would be really cool to keep it.  Sorta modern/vintage.  We are thinking about it.


And this is what our home reno looks like.  I am sooo glad that the electrical work is over.  Insulation is the worst, the very worst when you have to work in it.   And that garden-o-mine it keeps on growing!




may update

June 6, 2013 | Family, Gardening, Just life | Permalink

May 30 garden shot

End of May garden shot

So, i’ve been blogging MIA.  We had a reallllly busy couple weeks in May, I mean, something every night of the week+weekends+dayjobs+planting+weeding+churchcallings+planning-a-camping-trip+etc.

B told me he needed some downtime and not to schedule anything else in June.  I agreed.

We had fun but life was really busy, and I didn’t take any pictures really.  But i’ll update ya’ll on our garden soon!


New glasses. Selfie.


My notes of what I needed to pick up and plant in my garden.


don't mind the bumradish :)

don’t mind the bumradish :)

we made dutch oven peach cobler!

we made dutch oven peach cobler!

This must be one of the first ever john deere tractors/wagons.  I LOVEEE john deere.

This must be one of the first ever john deere tractors/wagons. I LOVEEE john deere.


I may have some adorable

I may have some adorable

sad things about life

June 5, 2013 | Just life | Permalink

Do you ever read things or see things and feel sad?  Sometimes I do and it makes my heart hurt, like really hurt.  This world has so much pain and suffering and more and more happens everyday.  I don’t like that about it and I feel sad for so many people who are suffering.

I just hope that all of us can figure out a way to feel the good things, the happiness, and the joy in life more powerfully than the contrary.  Maybe it’s even just allowing ourselves to feel the good, to step away from the sad.

To live simple.  To savor.  To enjoy each and every day we live.  To think outside ourselves and serve others.  To try and make the life better of those around us, even if it is in some very small tiny way.  To be grateful for the good that we have.  And show gratitude for the strength that we gain from the hard and a creator that believes in what we can become.

Maybe that is the whole point of life.

Soul food here and what i’ve been thinking about and trying to apply in my heart.  Maybe i’m getting tini tiny bit closer.   A girl can hope.



tomatoes & peppers – planted

May 21, 2013 | Gardening, What's growing? | Permalink

Today was a good day.
I woke up early this morning and planted my tomatoes and peppers before work.
It was rainy and stormy this weekend and I didn’t the little guys to get blown, squashed and die so I waited.
So, now they are in their new home in the garden.  Where they belong.
I’m just Glad they aren’t in my kitchen anymore.
I’ve had them outside full time for almost two weeks now, but protected from wind and only giving them partial sun.
The soil is most and ready to grow some foods.
The forecast is warm, but not hot, cool and moist.  Just right.
We are putting in the drip system tomorrow.
And then the rest of the starts will go in the garden.
At last.

I think any day I work in my garden before I go to my ‘day job’ is a good day!  It’s amazing how calm and collected i’ve been all day.  I’ve had super-human focus power and have gotten LOTS done.

Gardening is good for the soul.


life lessons – famous quotes are famous for a reason

May 17, 2013 | lessons from mom | Permalink

life lessons taken from the life history of my mom.

My mother had many phrases that she would quote on a regular basis.  They formed a mantra in my mind.  Some of them I hated, at least for a while.  Most of them have proved true.  A few examples:

You catch more flies with honey than you do vinegar. I really didn’t like this one, but mother quoted it to me often, I was much older before I finally realized what it meant…things go smoother when you are pleasant, the Spirit can be there and influence a situation when there is not a sour attitude.  (add what you thought earlier in life)

I whistle a lot, mother would say whistling girls and cackling hens, always come to no good ends…  I still whistle, it is just the music bubbling out but I still get grief from my family, maybe it is irritating, I will have to ask.

 Mabel, Mabel, strong and able, get your elbows off the table.  I actually like this one and used it with my children, it is a fairly pleasant way of teaching good manners.

 Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, or Do without.   This is an old quote from the depression era or old times, I’m not sure.  But I do know that it came from less material times then the era of plentiful material goods that my children grew up in.  One thing that my children said to me that pleased me was, “Mom & Dad made do with what they had”.

If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

Two wrongs don’t make a right.

one good artichoke recipe

May 14, 2013 | Food, Recipes | Permalink

So, we got 3 artichokes from our food co-op basket.  I didn’t know how to cook them but we both like them.  So, I consulted the internets.  We ended up combining a recipe and making our own artichoke concoction.  We tried cooking them 3 different ways, but the best was the one where we cut off the stem, tops, and removed the outer leaves.   It made for a tender and more flavorful choke.  Can you say that?


2-3 artichokes
2Tbs butter
1 – 1/2 lemon – depending on how much lemon you prefer
2T olive oil
touch of parsley (fresh or dried)

Cut of the stems and 1/3 of the tops of the artichokes.  Take of exterior loose leaves. Boil artichokes (halfway submerged) in water for 20 minutes.  Melt butter.  When artichokes are soft then mix half olive oil/parsley/lemon mixture and pour over the artichokes.  Add the rest of the lemon/parsley/oliveoil mix to the butter.  Make it so it’s half mix and half butter.

Dip & Enjoy.